Get access to the step-by-step program and an expert homeschool coach with accountability to homeschool joyfully.

It's time to BREAK FREE from the burden of homeschooling and embrace an experience that is intentionally crafted to bring you and your children JOY, foster deep connections, and empower them to become world changers.


Let's say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to personalized strategies that will empower you to thrive as a homeschool mom. Unlock the secrets of homeschooling with joy, confidence, and connection, and witness the transformation in your relationship with your children as you create lasting memories together. You will have a community of like-minded moms homeschooling alongside you, too!


You are not alone. You have the power to change the trajectory of your family's education, relationship, and legacy.



Does this sound familiar?

  • Homeschooling is so overwhelming, I feel like I'm drowning under the pressure.
  • I'm ashamed how I treat my kids privately, I'm not the mother I want to be.
  • I've watched ALL the homeschool YouTube videos and I STILL can't calm the chaos.
  • I'm completely unqualified to homeschool, I'm not enough for them.
  • There are so many options, I can't figure out which one is right for us...and I really want to get this right!
  • I know we're not supposed to do "public school at home" but I don't know anything else.
  • Homeschooling is making MY KIDS HATE ME, I think I need to put them back in public school.




Finally homeschooling with JOY, fulfillment, and deep connections that nurtured your children's growth and brought your family CLOSER together.


Having personalized strategies that cater to your UNIQUE homeschooling needs, foster a strong love of learning, and turn homeschooling resistance into connection


Replacing overwhelm and pressure with a POWERFUL PASSION to create your family legacy and guide your children into who they were designed to be by GAINING CLARITY with your homeschooling and family vision


Waking up every morning so sure of the mom you want to be that you STOP chasing homeschooling curriculum, STOP researching traditional school options, and STOP pining after the yellow busses that go by in the morning


Having an educational coach, mental health practitioner, and experienced homeschool mom who knows how to help you design your dream homeschooling experience AND provides accountability to support you creating it

Those things and SO MUCH MORE are what my coaching clients experience every day. Finally, a program with proven success to get you the transformation that you are seeking. It's time to take back control of your life, your family, and your children's education.

Here's What We'll Cover In The Program

Creating Your Family's Legacy

  • Create your a homeschool lifestyle that inspires joy, confidence, and connection

  • Get lazer-like clarity in your homeschool vision

  • Reveal what's truly holding you back from living your dream homeschool life
  • Establish confidence in your ability to execute it

  • Provide the inspiration and motivation you need to make it consistent

  • Create SMART goals for your children in the areas of education, relationships, and character
  • Intentionally lead your family by designing a game plan to review

  • Identify any limiting beliefs that would derail your homeschool vision
  • BONUS: How a Powerful Vision Helps Us Avoid Burnout

Going From A Rut To A Routine

  • Define success on your own terms

  • Discover what is truly important to YOUR UNIQUE family

  • Create your family's perfect schedule with a tried-and-true process that has worked for 100s of moms

  • Get your time back by discovering where specifically your time disappears to
  • Learn how to make micro changes that create huge positive movement

  • Escape the grip of unrealistic expectations
  • BONUS: How to Choose a Curriculum

Enhancing a Love of Learning

  • Develop a brand-new perspective using a growth mindset and stop feeling like a failure

  • Unlock the keys of developing a positive mental attitude
  • Learn about the 8 Great Smarts and how to develop them
  • Discover the magical world of child-led learning and how it powerfully fosters a love of learning
  • Dive deep into different learning styles and how to best support them
  • Unlock what the Cone of Learning means for your homeschool process
  • Finally stop worrying if your children are behind with simple tracking tools
  • BONUS: How to Track Credits for High School

Gaining Emotional Mastery

  • Discover the ins and outs of regulation, coregulation, and dysregulation

  • Learn how to begin using the concept of Brain/Body parenting in homeschooling
  • Get clear on your physical, emotional, and homeschooling needs, as well as your children's
  • Understand your triggers and your children's triggers more thoroughly (and what to do about them)
  • Choose from therapy-derived calming techniques to use when you are triggered

  • Discover what to do if you suspect your child has learning or sensory needs
  • Unlock the secrets of our nervous system, behavior, and how to work with it, NOT against it
  • Learn when to teach what to optimize homeschool time

Building Strong Bonds

  • Create meaningful connection with your children and unlock the secret of turning resistance into connection

  • Finally land your communication effectively with your family to create a loving and empathetic environment where everyone can learn together
  • Discover the key ingredient to effective learning
  • Learn how to build strong bonds with your children through hardships
  • Discover helpful parenting scripts for common situations so you know what to say every time

Academy Features


LIFETIME ACCESS to an exceptional homeschooling program designed for moms built on 18+ years of experience, flexible enough to use whatever curriculum that aligns with their values, and fosters joyful connection without sacrificing rigorous academics. Value $5,000


LIFETIME ACCESS to our private platform off of social media to create a safe, judgement free zone, for homeschool moms to share vulnerably. $997


LIFETIME ACCESS to our community feed for you to share your wins, hardships, ask questions, and encourage one another. Priceless


LIFETIME ACCESS to our Resource Library with hundred+ hours of exclusive content to help you homeschool, manage your mind and emotions, and discover new homeschooling resources. Value $5,000


60 Days to Consistency Cohort including cost of membership (BOTH the Fall and Winter Session). $1,994



3 Months Access to the Weekly Group Coaching Calls where moms get to ask any homeschooling questions, receive 1-1 coaching from Amanda and guest speakers. $3,564

3 Months Access to brand new trainings every week that are designed to help mom implement homeschooling techniques and systems that streamline the home education process, saving mom time and from getting burnout. $2,364

Total Value of the Program + Community: $18,919

Welcome to a transformative journey that has the potential to reshape your homeschooling experience and empower you as a homeschool mom. I want you to know, without a doubt, that you are capable.


Society may try to convince you otherwise, suggesting that you should outsource your child's education because you lack understanding or expertise. But it's a lie. A lie that diminishes your power and leaves you feeling defeated.


Let me share what I've learned throughout my own mother educator journey. As a mom, you are fierce, smart, capable, and powerful. You know what's best for your children, and you don't have to rely on a single perspective as the ultimate truth or the only way. You have the ability to figure things out and connect with people who fuel your homeschooling journey rather than extinguishing it.


This academy are designed to give you the space to claim your power as a mother and home educator and gain the confidence that being a homeschool mom is not just a name but a mission specifically entrusted to you. It's about equipping you with the resources you need to make choices that align with your family's values and needs.


The impact of this course extends beyond your own growth. By embracing this journey and intentionally leading it, you will inspire other moms to do the same. Together, we can change the narrative of home education by uplifting and supporting one another to believe in our own capabilities rather than perpetuating feelings of inadequacy. You deserve to be that mom, and you already have what it takes within you. It's time to claim your power as a mother educator and embark on this empowering journey.

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Value $18,919

Monthly Installments


For 3 Months


Less than $34 a day for:

Personalized homeschooling strategies
Support for your mental and emotional health
Educational coaching from a second-generation homeschooler
Parenting support focused on creating connections with your kids
Encouragement from like-minded moms
Support for working moms from an experienced mompreneur

Access to the Heart Smart Homeschool Academy

Resource Library

And more




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Less than $28 a day for:

Personalized homeschooling strategies
Support for your mental and emotional health
Educational coaching from a second-generation homeschooler
Parenting support focused on creating connections with your kids
Encouragement from like-minded moms
Support for working moms from an experienced mompreneur

Access to the Heart Smart Homeschool Academy

Resource Library

And more





Amanda Schenkenberger


Hi there, I'm the founder of Homeschool Family Legacy.


I empower homeschool moms to calm the chaos and confidently homeschool. I focus on creating a supportive schedule and building strong bonds so that everyone can experience joyful connection and rigorous academics at the same time. I leverage my own experience as a homeschooled individual and homeschooling mother of four inside my business Homeschool Family Legacy where I coach other moms to educate curious minds and cultivate courageous spirits.


Not only do I bring nearly 20 years of homeschool expertise to the table, I am a mental health practitioner, executive functions expert, and sensory specialist. I can't wait to use all this experience to help you create your dream homeschool life. Are you ready to join the community? Hit the button below and place your deposit to save your spot today (or pay in full and save $494!).

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