Welcome to a world of educational possibilities where the JOY of learning takes center stage. Our Pressure-Free Homeschooling Masterclass is your first step to nurturing a lifelong love of learning within your family, all while cultivating a strong and harmonious homeschooling environment with ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY.




🌟 Cultivate Lifelong Learning: We firmly believe that education transcends textbooks. Our masterclass empowers you to create an atmosphere that inspires curiosity, exploration, and a genuine passion for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

🏡 Strengthen Your Homeschooling Family: Beyond academics, homeschooling is about fostering stronger family bonds. Our masterclass equips you with strategies to establish a nurturing and supportive learning environment that brings your family closer together.

🤯 Bid Farewell to Stress: Let go of overwhelming lesson plans and constant pressure. Our masterclass offers you  a simple, practical technique to simplify your homeschooling routine, reduce stress, and embrace a relaxed approach to learning.


🌱 Tailored Learning: Every child is unique, and our masterclass guides you in tailoring your curriculum to cater to your child's individual needs, interests, and learning style.


🌈 Holistic Approach: We understand that nurturing the heart and soul of your child is just as important as academic growth. Learn how to incorporate character development, life skills, and emotional intelligence into your homeschooling curriculum.

Amanda Schenkenberger is an expert homeschool coach and supportive mental health practitioner. She leverages her own experience as a homeschool mother of four and a homeschooled individual to help families unlock the transformative effect that homeschooling has on family dynamics, the power it has to nurture curious minds, and the potential it has to cultivate courageous spirits. She believes that home education distinctly excels in its ability to fortify the family unit.



So, why wait? Join Amanda now in this masterclass as she teaches ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY to homeschool pressure-free, so that you can begin to create the life you’ve always envisioned alongside your beloved children.



Don't let the constraints of traditional schooling dictate your path. Embrace the freedom, flexibility, and joy of homeschooling with our masterclass.